Amazon Echo devices have an Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) that allows you to play music from your phone or any Bluetooth device, such as a smart TV, iPad Laptop, PC, MacBook, etc.

Interestingly, you don’t need WiFi or an active internet connection to use Amazon Echo as a Bluetooth speaker.

In this article, we’ll learn how to use Amazon Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker for Android, iPhone, iPad, smart TV, Windows PC, and MacBook.

Although its sound output is not as loud and clear as Bluetooth speakers, the Echo Dot works well in a small room.

If you’re watching Netflix with your buddies, Alexa Echo Dot can help you with high-volume sound output from your television.

How To Use Alexa As a Speaker on Android Without Wifi

Alexa can stream audio from the internet on your voice command, but you can pair it with an Android phone and play your favorite playlist.

Follow these steps to pair your phone with an Echo device to use it as a Bluetooth speaker:

1. Firstly, plug in the power cord and wait until your Alexa smart speaker is turned on.

2. Now say, “Alexa, Pair” or “Alexa, turn on the Bluetooth.”

3. Go to your Android phone Settings.

Android Settings icon

3. Tap on Bluetooth & devices.

Android Settings Menu

3. Select Bluetooth.

Android Bluetooth Setting

4. Tap Pair a new device.

Pair new device

5. Select Echo Dot-3CC.

Pair Echo Dot-3CC

Your Android will start pairing, and within a few seconds, your Alexa will announce, “Connected to Android,” and your smart speaker is ready to play music from your Android smartphone.

Next time, give a voice command, “Alexa, connect my phone,” your Echo Dot will be automatically paired with your Android.

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How To Pair Amazon Echo With iPhone Via Bluetooth

You can pair your Amazon Echo device with your iPhone as a Bluetooth speaker to enjoy seamless high-volume audio output.

Follow these steps to connect the Echo speaker to the iPhone:

1. Put Alexa into pairing mode

First, give a voice command, “Alexa, pair” or “Alexa, turn on the Bluetooth,” to put your Alexa speaker into Bluetooth pairing mode.

2. Go to iPhone Settings

iPhone Apps Menu

3. Select Bluetooth

iPhone Bluetooth Setting

4. Tap on Echo Dot-3CC

iPhone Available Bluetooth Devices

5. Confirm pairing status

iPhone Paired to Echo Dot

Your Amazon Echo Dot will be paired with the iPhone. Now, you can play videos and music to get loud audio output from the Echo speaker.

How To Use Echo As a Bluetooth Speaker For iPad

If you’re playing Netflix on your iPad and want to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker, the pairing steps are similar to iPhone.

Here’s how to connect your Echo Dot to an iPad:

1. Put Alexa into pairing mode

First, give a voice command, “Alexa, pair” or “Alexa, turn on the Bluetooth.

2. Go to iPad Settings

iPad Apps Drawer

3. Go to Bluetooth

iPad Bluetooth Settings

4. Tap on Echo Dot-3CC

iPad Available Bluetooth Devices

5. Confirm pairing status

iPad Connected Bluetooth Devices

Your Alexa device is successfully connected to your iPad. Whatever you play on your iPad, audio will come from the Echo Dot smart speaker.

How To Use Your Echo Device As a Speaker For TV

I frequently use an external Bluetooth speaker with my Fire TV Stick because of my TV’s poor sound output.

You can also connect your Amazon Alexa smart speaker to your TV via Bluetooth and experience loud audio while watching movies or TV shows.

Here’s how to use your Alexa Echo device as a speaker for smart TV:

  1. Go to your smart TV Bluetooth devices options.
  2. Select Add new Bluetooth device.
  3. Put your Echo Dot in pairing mode by voice command “Alexa, pair” or “Alexa, turn on the Bluetooth.”
  4. Select Echo Dot-3CC in the available Bluetooth device list on your TV.
  5. Add your Echo to the trusted device list and confirm the pair.

All smart TVs have Bluetooth options because the TV remotes work via Bluetooth. So, explore the settings and pair your Echo device as a speaker on TV.

How To Pair Amazon Alexa With Windows Laptop

Echo Dot Connected to Windows PC

In this section, I’ll show your step-by-step process to connect your Amazon Alexa with Windows Laptop/PC as an offline Bluetooth speaker.

I’m showing your steps for Windows 11, but it also works with Windows 10 and prior versions of Windows.

1. Go to the Apps menu and click on Settings

Windows Settings

2. Click on Bluetooth & devices

Windows Bluetooth Settings

3. Click on Add device

Windows Add device

4. Click on Bluetooth

Windows Bluetooth

5. Select Echo Dot-3CC

Echo Dot Connect to PC

How To Pair Your Echo Speaker With MacOS

Amazon Echo Dot can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker for MacBooks. Till now, I have shared steps to pair Echo Dot with Android, iPhone, iPad, smart TV, and Windows PC/Laptop; let’s see the steps for macOS.

Here is a step-by-step guide (with images) to pair the Alexa smart speaker with a MacBook Pro:

1. Go to System Settings

MacBook System Settings

2. Click on Bluetooth

MacBook Bluetooth Settings

3. Select Echo Dot-3CC from the Nearby Devices list

MacBook Bluetooth Nearby Devices

4. Confirm pairing status

MacBook Connected to Echo Dot via Bluetooth

Final Words

Echo Dot’s sound is louder than the inbuilt speakers of smartphones, TVs, and laptops. So, you can pair your Echo device to experience high-volume audio output.

I’ve explained step-by-step pairing methods for all devices. If you face any problem in connection, feel free to ask in the comment box.

Note: Install the Alexa app to manage the connected devices with your Echo Dot.

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